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Where are you located?
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Where are your products made?
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada & our material is manufactured in U.S.A

Do you ship worldwide?
- Yes we do :)

Can I pickup locally?
- No sorry, we are currently mail order only. NO EXCEPTIONS

Can I call you and place a custom order?
- No sorry, We do not process any phone orders or return calls. please email us.

Do you accept email money transfers?
- Yes we manually process orders that prefer to pay by email money transfer.

How do I install decals?
- Please read the decal install instructions here.

What kind of decal do I receive?
We create die cut stickers that are cut straight through the vinyl, leaving no backgrounds to fit the exact shape of your design. View our gallery

Is this a window cling or an adhesive decal?
Our decals use long term adhesive that last up to 4-5 years if properly applied.

How are your decals sized?
- We measure the inches from the longest side.
Here is an example of a decal sized for 11 inches

Do you do custom decals?
- Yes we do custom decals and provide custom sizes.

Do you have a minimum order quantity ?
- No we do not.

What type of vinyl do you use?
- We use Oracle 651.

Can I place your decals outside?
- Yes our decals are made to last for up to 4 years outdoors.

Is the colour the same on both sides front and back?
- Yes our decals are a single solid colour on both the front and back.

Do the decals last in the sun?
- Yes our decals are made to last.

Can these be placed on drywall?
- Yes.

The design i want only faces the right can you make one that faces left?
- Yes just put into the order notes that you would like one facing right and one facing left.

How do I choose my decals vinyl colour?
- Select a colour from the swatch selection boxes.

Can I see the vinyl colours before I purchase?
- Please see our vinyl colours available here.

Do you have white reflective vinyl?
- Yes we have white reflective vinyl, you have to place a custom order for specific designs.

My order is taking a long time, what gives?
- All orders are custom made to order, meaning when you place an order it is then put in queue to be cut and shipped out. Sometimes there is a large queue but we aim to ship out within a day after an order is placed. Sorry

I sent an email and I got no response, huh?
- We always reply to emails and chats in a timely manner, please check your junk/spam folder.

What type of shipping method do you use?
We use Canada Post Regular Mail Stamps.

Do you provide a tracking number?
Unfortunately there is no way to track mail when postage stamps are being used.

Can I use your decals on my car?
- Yes you can use your decals outside or inside, preferably on a flat surface.

I want to place a decal on the inside of my car facing out, can you do that?
- Yes just make sure you add any order notes with specifics and we will follow them.

I put the wrong address and the order has been marked as shipped, can you update my address?
- No unfortunately once an order has been marked as shipped we are not able to re-route mail.

I made a mistake with the address, can I get a refund?
- No, we do not give refunds for mistakes made entering a wrong address.

I made a mistake applying the decal, can I get another one?
- No,
We do not offer replacements for instances involving user errors during the application of vinyl decals.

I made a mistake with the colour, can I get a correction?
- If we have not shipped your order we are able to cut the correct colour.
If an order has already been shipped we are not able to provide a correction.

If you have anymore questions please contact us.

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